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Holiday shopping and planning don’t have to be stressful. We’re here to help. Whether you’re shopping for your mom or[...]

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As we do each year, we’ve thought hard about the things we’d like to give and receive this holiday season, and we’re sharing our lists of practical and whimsical gifts in hopes of providing some inspiration for the people on your list, young and old.

The Best Things We Bought
Buying things may not lead you to happiness, but having the right stuff can make each day just a little[...]
The Best Holiday Cookie Baking Equipment and Gear
We spent 200 hours researching and tested 20 types of essential cookie-related items to find the best gear to make[...]
Great Boozy Holiday Gifts
Like a lot of people, I’ve given the gift of alcohol many times. Sometimes it’s the gift of last resort:[...]
Our Favorite Gifts for 6- to 10-Year-Olds
Finding a memorable gift for an elementary schooler can be challenging. Toy fads are hard to keep up with, often[...]
The Best Gear for Holiday Hosting
When family and friends arrive for longer stays, you’ll need a few extra supplies—especially if the spares you keep in[...]
Our Favorite Gifts for 3- to 6-Year-Olds
Our Favorite Gifts for 3- to 6-Year-OldsKids between 3 and 6 often have clear and very vocal opinions about what[...]


Automotive & Industrial

Best Car Vacuum
Having a car is not just a luxury, but also a necessity as it can provide you with basic mode[...]

Power & Hand Tools

Best Plasma Cutter Air Filter
Regardless of whether it is to improve your cut quality or to elongate your plasma cutter lifespan, you need a[...]
Best Airless Paint
Have some painting job to be done around the house? Don’t want to spend too much on a professional yet[...]
Best Portable Air Compressor
Does your profession require you to visit remote sites and you need a way to do some cleaning? Maybe you[...]
Best Plasma Cutter
Lotos LTP5000D​​ PROS Compact Uses non Hazardous compressed air to cut stainless steelcheck Pilot arc torch cuts efficiently through rough,[...]

Home & Kitchen

Best Slippers for Women and Men
We recommend the Haflinger AT slippers for keeping your feet warm and sweat-free when it’s cold out. We spent more[...]

Sports & Outdoors

Best Golf Push Cart
Golf is often coined as a relaxing activity enjoyed by many, but that doesn’t mean there’s no grunt work involved[...]
Best Football Gloves
There’s no denying that football is one of the most popular sports today. If you or a loved one play football,[...]
Best Softball Bat
A bat that feels natural in your hands is the best! Clearly, with so many options available, it would not[...]